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Get yourself Toonz'D by Pagani

Cartoon art, t-shirts, paintings, photography, logos and more on the Oregon Coast.

  Original cartoon pop-art, fine art, caricatures, portraits, edgy cartoons and word art, all by Chriss and Cat Man Bob Pagani. Yes, that's cartoons and caricatures! Caricatures are portraits that exaggerate or distort the look of a person to create a silly but identifiable visual likeness. Caricatures can be insulting or complimentary and can serve a political purpose or be drawn just for fun. Pagani caricatures and cartoons range from pop-art to abstract impressionist in style.

My cat is an honor student, funny t-shirts, mugs and bumperstickers
  Cartoon T-shirt and logo designs include off-beat, funny, feline cartoons (including the world-famous Skeptical Cat), cats with real character, as well as edgy, transgressive, original word art designs. Custom made-to-order logos and characters, events, shows, web and graphic design, exhibitions, and more...

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Here we have a sample of Recent original artwork featuring funny cartoon cat t shirts, Attitude word art tee shirts and more. This is just some of what the artist does.... you'll have to look around to see.   Want to see some of these designs on a different color? Pick a design you like and CLICK ON IT! (Don't forget to come back here when you are done). Most designs are available in many colors, including black, and many styles. The images below are just samples. Sizes available from infant to 5X! Every design may be purchased as a VALUE T-SHIRT for just $12.95. Also, be sure to visit the sidebar links for more designs in specific categories. You'll get to see what is popular there....

Original, all local, unique cartoon, pop art and caricature designs make unusual and exciting gifts. The artist has the funniest cartoon cat designs along with some weird, outragious word art t-shirts and logos. It's not a giant corporation, it's just the artist. This is an opportunity to own unique, artistic designs and apparel without spending a lot of money. You support the arts and get to be a true individual at the same time! What more could you ask for?

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